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Facilities & Maintenance

Valdez Campus

The PWSCC Valdez Maintenance staff is dedicated to providing a clean, comfortable and safe environment for learning and work. They are responsible for building maintenance and repair, physical plant operation, grounds upkeep, snow removal, motor pool, building locks / keys, and custodial. This department also works closely with the University of Alaska Anchorage Facilities , Planning and Construction Department for major renovations and projects.

The main campus located at 303 Lowe Street known as the Growden-Harrison Building is one of the oldest buildings in Valdez , originally constructed as an elementary school (several current employees and students attended) shortly after the 1964 earthquake when the town site was relocated. In 1989 PWSCC moved classroom instruction and administrative offices into this space after completion of new K-12 school buildings.

The Student Housing complex was acquired in 1980 after the Alaska Pipeline construction era. Housing consists of three single story apartment style buildings with a large lawn area adjacent to the Valdez City Park Strip.

Many upgrades and improvements have been made to these facilities and the PWSCC maintenance staff is proud of our historic buildings and their excellent condition.

PWSCC Valdez Maintenance can be contacted @ 907-834-1636, via the work order system, or by contacting the Business Office @ 907-834-1620. Parties interested in Facilities Use at the Copper Basin Extension Center should contact the campus at 907-822-3673. Enjoy your visit!

Current Request for Proposals

Copper Basin and Cordova Extension Centers

Both PWSCC extension center facilities located in Glennallen and Cordova occupy leased space and are maintained by the owners of these structures. PWSCC has excellent relationships with these entities and the facilities are maintained to university standards.

Floor Plans

Available at:

Work Order System

The Valdez Maintenance Department uses an online Work Order System to track and expedite maintenance needs. Please use the attached link when requesting maintenance or repairs. Be sure and include a specific description of the work and a completion date. The maintenance staff has an excellent record for quick response.

Maintenance Work Order – Under Construction

Master Plan

Under construction

Campus Maps

Campus Map available at

Facility Use

The primary use of Prince William Sound Community College facilities is for educational programs. All other use, other than the normal and regular activity of instruction, public service, and necessary administrative and support services, requires an agreement issued by PWSCC’s Business Office. Activities not on the semester schedule are subject to these procedures. This includes seminars, workshops, and other events.

Special Event Insurance and/or General Liability Insurance may be required when using our facilities. The PWSCC Business Manager will review the request and determine if insurance will be required based on the requested use/activity. Special Event Insurance is available for purchase from the University of Alaska and the PWSCC Business Manager will provide the application form if needed.

Upon official request, college facilities may be made available to non-college groups, according to the policies of the UA Board of Regents and in order of the priority listed below:

  1. All scheduled PWSCC academic programs.
  2. College sponsored faculty, administrative, student, or alumni activities.
  3. College sponsored or co-sponsored activities by private groups, e.g., Phi Theta Kappa, Prince William Sound Science Center lectures, and Relay for Life.
  4. Private activities for non-profit, non-college sponsored organizations are charged from the non-profit rate schedule.
  5. Private activities for profit, non-college sponsored organizations are charged at the commercial/public rate schedule.
Facility Use: Request Procedures
  • To check for availability and to reserve a room visit the PWSCC Resource Scheduler, if you have any questions please contact the President’s Assistant at 907-834-1612.
  • Once it is confirmed that space is available, users then must fill out the .
  • Once complete, they can be faxed to the Business Office at 907-834-1627 or dropped off in person for review.
  • Finally, the Business Office will bill whoever is using the facility directly.
Key Controls / Building Access

The Maintenance department is responsible for maintaining the door locks, dorm exterior access, and locksmith services. The Business Office is responsible for the issuance of keys and key cards and building access control.

Exterior proximity key cards are used to access the student housing buildings exterior doors and the main entrance to the Valdez campus.

No key will be issued without the approval of a department administrator and the business office. It is the department’s responsibility to adhere to the following procedures for requesting key access.

Note: Student Housing interior door codes are managed by Student Services / Housing Director.

Key Checkout


  • PWSCC key access will only be issued to college employees or resident students.
  • Keys must be checked out through the business office.
  • A key checkout form is required for all employees who are issued a key.
  • Students are issued an exterior dorm proximity card after completing a Housing Application, signing the Housing Contract and paying a housing security deposit.
  • Issued keys must be returned to the Business Office .
  • Keys will not be transferred to other college personnel by the employee or the department managers. Keys may only be transferred by the Business Office.

Failure to follow the above guidelines may result in the loss of key access privileges.

The employee who checks out a key through the Business Office and signs the key checkout form is responsible for the key. Keys that are returned to a department administrator or other college employee and subsequently lost or misplaced are still the responsibility of the individual who signed receipt of the key.

If an employee loses or misplaces a key or proximity key card they must immediately report it to the Business Office. The fee for lost or misplaced exterior proximity cards is $35.00. An employee may also be responsible for the cost of door lock replacement and/or other hardware that may be accessed by the lost/misplaced key.

Building Access

Building access will be limited to ensure the safety and well-being of students, faculty, and staff and the security of our facilities and assets.

. Valdez Main Campus open access, during the academic semester, will be as follows:

  • Monday through Thursday, 7:00am – 10:00pm
  • Friday, 7:00am – 7:00pm

Access on weekends or times other than those listed above will need to be scheduled and/or approved by administration. Special needs and/or assistance may be arranged by contacting the Business Office during normal business hours.

Maintenance Staff

Maintenance / Department
PO Box 97

Valdez AK 99686
Phone: (907) 834-1636
Fax: (907) 834-1627

Steve Shiell
Business Manager/Maintenance Supervisor

Cody Lewis
Maintenance Lead

Ray Gross

Andy Eiman

Monica Hang Le