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Play Labs Announced for 2014 Last Frontier Theatre Conference

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Prince William Sound Community College has released the names of playwrights invited to participate in the Play Lab to be held at the 22nd Annual Last Frontier Theatre Conference, June 8-14, in Valdez, Alaska. The plays were selected from 397 total submissions, which set a new record for total submissions for the third year in a row.

The invited 68 plays include writers from across the United States and internationally from the United Kingdom. There are 8 Alaskans invited to present their work, including 3 from Anchorage, 2 from Juneau, and 1 apiece from Fairbanks, Ketchikan, and Valdez.

Writers receive a rehearsed reading of their play, followed by a critique session led by theatre professionals and including audience feedback. Each writer will also have a private feedback session with one of their panelists in addition to the public feedback.

Authors (listed alphabetically)
Starr Ahrens (Los Angeles, CA), The Crawling Feeling
Greg Aldrich (New York, NY), Beheading Vampire Puppies
Jonathan Alexandratos (Astoria, NY), Breaking Orbit
Terence Anthony (Los Angeles, CA), Euphrates
Linda Ayres-Frederick (San Francisco, CA), Blizzard at the Mountain Top
Dan Bancroft (Newton, MA), The Do-Over
Joe Barnes (Houston, TX), Shavetop Mountain
Kimberly Belflower (New York, NY), Lost Girl
Mike Bencivenga (Astoria, NY), Summer of Fire
Beaufield Berry (Omaha, NE), Happy Hour
Jill Bess (Anchorage, AK), Simple Melody
Linda Billington (Anchorage, AK), A Duct Tale
Chip Bolcik (Thousand Oaks, CA), The World’s Worst Puppeteers
Paul Braverman (Fremont, CA), Pete’s Place
Andrew Joseph Brown (Raymore, MO), The Testicle Testimonies
Charlie Canning (Cumberland Foreside, ME), The Cranial Equity Loan
Amy Cuomo (Villa Rica, GA), CyberEyes
Joy Cutler (Philadelphia, PA), Nightshift(ing)
Mathilde Dratwa (Brooklyn, NY), Escape from Garden Grove
Prince Duren (Fayetteville, AR), The Verdict
Michael Eichler (San Diego, CA), Hepner Hall
Christian Ely (North Bergen, NJ), Boss Man
Clint Jefferson Farr (Juneau, AK), The Kindness of Strangers
Bennett Fisher (La Jolla, CA), Campo Maldito
Tim Foley (Sacramento, CA), Best Seller
Theresa Giacopasi (Brooklyn, NY), Order Now
Siobhan Gilbert (New York, NY), Spotlight
Ellen K. Graham (Denver, CO), The Wave That Set the Fire
Daniel Guyton (Fayetteville, GA), The Mother of God Visits Hell
Kate Guyton (Fayetteville, GA), Ghosts in the Field
Atar Hadari (Hebden Bridge, United Kingdom), Jailbird
John Hendel (Los Angeles, CA), W.E.A.R.H.O.R.S.E.
Nicholas Walker Herbert (Brooklyn NY), Martyr’s Kiss or Out of Love
Rand Higbee (Hager City, WI), Shaula: Queen of the Universe
Sara Ilyse Jacobson (Charlottesville, VA), Catch The Spider
Mackenzie Jahnke (Honolulu, HI), Life
Arthur M. Jolly (Medford, OR), Mission: Colusa
AJ Knox (San Diego, CA), Pissed
Lisa M. Konoplisky (Chicago, IL), Time Will Tell
Robert Koon (Chicago, IL), Cyclist Attacked by Mountain Lion
Barry Levine (Los Angeles, CA), Scene From a Coffee Shop
Mildred Lewis (Inglewood, CA), the end of everything
David MacGregor (Howell, MI), The Antichrist Cometh
Andrea Macy (Astoria, NY), I Wrote This At Work
Vince Melocchi (West Hollywood, CA), Nice Things
P. Shane Mitchell (Anchorage AK), Veritas
Tom Moran (Fairbanks AK), God On Our Side
Jeffrey Neuman (Denver, CO), Exit Strategies
Ron Radice (Andover, MA), Won’t Happen Again
Mollie Ramos (Valdez, AK), Snowmageddon
Christopher Chad Runyon (Roanoke, VA), Gone City
Colleen Scriven (Brooklyn, NY), My Life in Limbo
Barbara Shepherd (Juneau, AK), Ghost Stories
Steven Simoncic (Chicago, IL), Words with C
Michael T. Smith (West Lafayette, IN), The Critics
Norma Thompson (Ketchikan, AK), Missing Something?
Amy Tofte (Los Angeles, CA), Broken Panda
Karyn Traut (Chapel Hill, NC), The Man He Loves or Italian Sunset
Jaclyn Villano (Austin, TX), The Company We Keep
Brian David Walker (Louisville, KY), DOG
Catherine Weingarten (New York, NY), Donkin Donuts Themed Life Choices
Ashley Rose Wellman (Benicia, CA), Living Creatures
Antoinette F. Winstead (Universal City, TX), Ivy and the Vine
Kelly Younger (New York, NY), Gerty Pays For It

Alternate Play Selections
These plays will be added as slots become available.
Emily Feldman (La Jolla, CA), Hippocratic Oath Or The Mango Farmer Of Vermont
Mark Muro (Anchorage, AK), Nocturne on 166th Street
Michael Parsons (Austin, TX), Sumner Falls
Tony Pasqualini (Los Angeles, CA), Bleeding Hearts
Bella Poynton (Iowa City, IA), The Aurora Project
Michael Skidmore (New York, NY), His and Hers

For more information, call Conference Coordinator Dawson Moore at 907-834-1614 or e-mail dmoore AT pwscc DOT edu.

Annual Vegas in Valdez Archery Tournament Wraps Up

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The Fourth Annual Vegas in Valdez Archery Tournament took place this past week-end at the Valdez Civic Center. This year’s event set record attendance with 71 archers from around Alaska and over 120 participants and spectators on all three days. This event continues to grow, attracting professional archers to novices and has become one of the largest indoor archery shoots in the state. The Tournament would eventually like to go national and steps are underway to lead the Tournament in that direction.

The Vegas in Valdez Tournament came about four years ago when an idea was hatched by the PWSCC / Valdez Archery Club and the then president of Alaska Archery Association, Judy Vanderwilt, to create an event in Alaska modelling the World Archery Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. The “Vegas Shoot” in Las Vegas is one of the largest archery events in the United States. The allure of shooting in ballrooms on carpet is part of the ambiance and experience that attracts archers to Valdez.

This year included a 2-hour clinic held by professional archer Dave Semmens, several fun shooting events, like Crazy Cards, a Pro-Am shoot, and a long range 300 round. Two retail vendors, Bear Paw Archery and Screamin’ Eagle Archery, both from Wasilla, set up full pro shop services including bow tuning, archery equipment sales, custom arrows, demo equipment and instruction.

Highlights of the shooting were a 599/600 score by Fairbanks archer Andrew Wilson in the Male Freestyle competition, followed by John Bamburg, Palmer, with a 596/600 and Andrew Hegener, Anchorage, with a 589/600. In the Men’s Bowhunter Division Rob Swanson, Anchorage, finished with a very respectable 593/600 41X but was nearly defeated by his nemesis- 18-year-old Justin (Rocket) Befort, Anchorage, who at the last minute borrowed Swanson’s bow and shoot an Ironman Bowhunter 600 round to finish second with 592/600, only one point behind Swanson, nearly beating Swanson with his own bow! John Bamburg was third with 591/600 making this division a very close and exciting match.

In the Women’s Freestyle Division Lauren Seawright, JBER, placed first with 582/600, followed by Nadine Booyse, Anchorage, 577/600 and Judy Vanderwilt, Wasilla, 574/600. Women’s Bowhunter Division saw Jeannie Gerena, Palmer, on top with 506/600, Amber Henderson of Valdez second with 491/600, and third place finisher Margie Lytle, Wasilla, with a score of 478/600.

Male Recurve Freestyle was won by Tim Tasker, Eagle River, 548/600, Dave Semmens, Chugiak, in second with 538/600 and third place finisher Roger Weggle of Fairbanks. The Women’s Recurve Freestyle class was won by Terry Walker of Wasilla who went uncontested with a 376/600 finish.

In the Traditional Division local traditionalist Bob Peca, Valdez, won first place, 325/600 shooting a custom recurve bow built by Idaho bowyer Bob Davis. Thomas Lytle, Wasilla, in second shooting a barebow, 320/600 and Will Felts of Valdez in third with 209/600 shooting a custom longbow.

Archery’s future was also on the Vegas in Valdez range with 14 young archers ages 9-14. These kids showed wonderful discipline and sportsmanship both on and off the range. It is a pleasure to watch the next generation in this sport compete and have fun. Every young person who participates is a winner! Girl’s Youth, Shale Lytle, Wasilla, 376/600. Boy’s Youth Chase McGraw 561/600, Justin Prax, Valdez, 417/600 and Keith Perry 361/600. In the Cub’s Division, Ester Lytle 576/600, Owen Perry 526/600 and Sarah Tasker with 517/600.

Ideas are already underway for next year’s “Vegas in Valdez.” Plans for an Outdoor Show Theater presentation, indoor long range animal round, banquet and a bigger and better archery trade & outdoor show are under discussion.

This event could not happen without the support of Alaska’s archery community, the Valdez Civic Center, Valdez Businesses, and many volunteers. Thanks to Todd Hayes, Ron and Dillon Fowler, Ben Stolen and Bobby Harden for helping with the new target backstops. To Amber and Scott Henderson, Todd Hayes and the PWSCC staff with set-up and clean-up. To Joe Prax for the wonderful photos and to Cindy Shiell for keeping the event organized. Special gratitude is owed to the people & businesses of Valdez for their contributions of items for prizes:  Sharry Miller, Scott Fronzuto, Shana Anderson, Wendy Goldstein, Rob Swanson (Anchorage),  VCVB, The Prospector, Mike’s Palace, Off the Hook, Solomon Gulch Seafood, Peter Pan Seafoods, A Rogue’s Garden, South Central Hardware, Reynolds Sporting Goods, and PWSCC.

PWSCC Employee Elected to WISE Board

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Wendy Goldstein

PWSCC’s Whitney Museum Coordinator Wendy Goldstein has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Wrangell Institute for Science & Environment (WISE). WISE, located in the Copper River Basin, is a non-profit organization that provides educational resources and programs, and support for scientific research.

Ms. Goldstein is known for her leadership with the Whitney Museum, and for coordinating events such as the annual Community Science Night. PWSCC’s Copper Basin Extension collaborates with WISE on a monthly science lecture series, and Ms. Goldstein is excited to pursue further collaborations in the future. “My passion is for bringing science and natural history education to the community. I am completely honored to join this organization, which I respect greatly.”

For more information about WISE, visit

Student Association President Meets With Legislators

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Tatiana with Governor Parnell

PWSCC Student Association President Tatiana Topping recently attended the University of Alaska Coalition of Student Leaders Legislative Affairs meeting in Juneau along with student leaders from around the state. Tatiana, along with the other students, held meetings on February 3rd and 4th with state legislators to advocate on behalf of the University of Alaska’s budget proposal. In addition to these individual meetings, the students also met with Governor Sean Parnell and observed UA President Patrick Gamble’s presentation on the university budget to the House Finance Committee and the House Finance Subcommittee on the University Budget.

Prior to their meetings with legislators, members of the Coalition discussed the university’s budgetary priorities and concluded that advocating for the combined heat and power plant at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, completion of the University of Alaska Anchorage and UAF engineering buildings, and support of high-demand programs (including mandatory comprehensive academic advising) would be the Coalition’s three top priorities to discuss with lawmakers.

“Meeting all the other schools that were there and understanding what the Coalition does and represents was really interesting,” stated Tatiana. “It was a great experience and the legislators we met with were really nice and supportive of higher education in Alaska.”

PWSCC Campus Life Coordinator and Student Association advisor Ronnie Houchin accompanied Tatiana and discussed opportunities for collaboration and enhancement of student leadership opportunities with advisors and students from other campus student governments. For more information about the Coalition of Student Leaders, see their website at:

The PWSCC Student Association meets Friday mornings at 9:00am.  All students are welcome to attend either in person or via distance. For more information, contact President Tatiana Topping at