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Last Frontier Theatre Conference Announces Accepted Plays

Posted on: March 1st, 2012 by Ryan Adkins No Comments

Prince William Sound Community College has released the names of playwrights invited to participate in the Play Lab to be held at the 20th Annual Last Frontier Theatre Conference, June 10-16, in Valdez, Alaska. The plays were selected from 389 total submissions, a record for the event.

The invited 60 plays include writers from across the United States and internationally from the Ireland, England, and Taiwan. There are 10 Alaskans invited to present their work, including 6 from Anchorage, 2 from Fairbanks, and one apiece from Homer, Auk Bay, Valdez, Adak, Bethel, and North Pole.

Writers receive a rehearsed reading of their play, followed by a critique session led by theatre professionals and including audience feedback. Each writer will also have a private feedback session with one of their panelists in addition to the public feedback.

Authors (listed alphabetically)

  • Enrique Acosta (Bakersfield CA), Godmakers
  • Kevin Armento (Long Island NY), cruelty and the sexual urge
  • Joe Barnes (Houston TX), Tastes Like Chicken
  • Jeanne Beckwith (Roxbury VT), Requiem for John
  • Matt Benedict (South Bend IN), DogMatics
  • Eliza Bent (Brooklyn NY), Twain’s on Main
  • Josh Billig (Denver CO), The Miners
  • Jaron Carlson (Anchorage AK), The Digger
  • Kuros Charney (New York NY), Body Language
  • David Clark (Louisville KY), Bananapocalypse
  • Hal Corley (Summit NY), The Fiery Furnace
  • Philip Dallmann (Burlington NJ), Sanka, Ya Dead Mon?
  • Gabrielle Fulton (Atlanta GA), MILF
  • Marina Veronica Garritano (Taipei City), Sfumato
  • Itai Grunfeld (Los Angeles CA), Ducks in Winter
  • Daniel Guyton (Fayetteville GA), Macabre-Cadabra
  • Nicholas Walker Herbert (Brooklyn NY), Wild Saints
  • Katt Jansen (Portland OR), Mayflies in June
  • Abe Koogler (Austin TX), Lizards
  • Steve Koppman (Oakland CA), Free Connection
  • Jerry Lieblich (New York NY), Cruelty to Animals
  • Karin Fazio Littlefield (Brooklyn NY), Two Women on a Precipice
  • Kieran Lynn (London UK), A play concerning a farmer’s radical attempt to restore his land to its, supposed, former glory, and the differing reactions of his children: Or Bunnies. (For short.)
  • Ian MacAllister-McDonald (Providence RI), The Vikings of Munjoy Hill
  • Wayne Paul Mattingly (Bronx NY), SAMARITANS, Or Where Is Sylvia?
  • Charlotte Meehan (Sharon MA), Crazy Love
  • Aleks Merilo (Palo Alto CA), The Widow of Tom’s Hill
  • Liam Mitchell (New York NY), Prairie Coteau
  • P. Shane Mitchell (Anchorage AK), It’s Your Play, America
  • Tom Moran (Fairbanks AK), Date With History
  • Kate Mulley (New York NY), Strange Bare Facts
  • Katherine Murphy (North Hollywood CA), Word of the Day
  • Virginia Nelson (Fairbanks AK), The Haunting Truth
  • Raegan Payne (Culver City CA), In a Hole
  • John Pennington (Berkeley CA), Everything Go Boom
  • Peter Porco (Anchorage AK), Three on a Cliff
  • Ron Pullins (Newbury Port MA), Ice Dancing
  • Mollie Ramos (Valdez AK), Flashpoint
  • Doug Reitinger (Sheridan WY), Uncle Charlie
  • Lucas Rowley (Anchorage AK), Crook Book
  • Schatzie Schaefers (Anchorage AK), Vashon
  • Dennis Schebetta (Pittsburgh PA), W@ste
  • Steven A. Shapiro (Cary NC), The Waiting Room
  • Neil K. Sharpson (Dublin Ireland), The Anti-Apologists
  • Ariel Shepherd-Oppenheim (Los Angeles CA), Phantoms Go Down
  • Erica Silberman (Brooklyn NY), Ms. Baxter’s Good Deed
  • Jen Silverman (Astoria NY), Still
  • Anita Rodriguez Simons (La Jolla CA), This We’ll Defend
  • Kevin Six (San Diego CA), The Art of Love
  • Jeff Stolzer (New York NY), Unsportsmanlike Conduct
  • Kavelina Torres (North Pole AK), Relegated to: Domestic Hunter
  • Karyn Traut (Chapel Hill NC), Gifted
  • Brian Walker (Louisville KY), FB: a ghost story
  • Stephanie Weber (Chicago IL), Bleak
  • Catherine Weingarten (Bennington VT), Whipped Cream
  • Rachel White (Prospect KY), Green River
  • Toby Widdicombe (Anchorage AK), The Lazy Slut
  • Jennifer Williams (Dublin Ireland), Fishtail
  • Irene Ziegler (Richmond VA), Out in the Open
  • Jon Zimmerman (Los Angeles CA), Alas

Alternate Play Selections
These plays will be added if any of the above authors are unable to attend.

  • John Patrick Bray (Athens GA), Donkey
  • E.J.C. Calvert (New York NY), Pegasus, the Saint
  • F. Brett Cox (Los Angeles CA), It Came Out of the Sky
  • Arthur M. Jolly (Medford OR), Trash
  • Barry Levine (Los Angeles CA), One Big Lost and Found
  • Erick J. Robertson (Anchorage AK), Neighbors
  • C.T. Seward (Fairbanks AK), The Rainbow Shower
  • Justin Stewart (Anchorage AK), Swing
  • David L. Williams (New York NY), The Divine Visitor
  • Michael Yichao (St. Gilbert AZ), [Chuck]

For more information, call Conference Coordinator Dawson Moore at 907-834-1614 or e-mail dmoore AT pwscc DOT edu.