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PWSCC Drama Department’s Most Ambitious Project Yet!

Posted on: February 8th, 2012 by Ryan Adkins No Comments

The final production of the year for the PWSCC Drama Department is the most challenging in its eight year history: the 1896 Georges Feydeau’s farce A Little Hotel on the Side. The play has two large sets, period costumes, and piles of strange props to acquire, not to mention twenty characters who need to speak with British dialects.

This past weekend, I held a free workshop in how to use a British dialect to help prepare people for the auditions. I worked with ten students on how to change their point of vocal resonance in their mouths (Brits are between the teeth and lips, whereas Americans are located in the middle), and led them through the various sound substitutions one makes to sound like they live across the pond. This work will continue throughout the rehearsal process.

The play contains all the classic farce ingredients: thwarted lust, spiraling panic, and physical cruelty. At the center of the play is a Monsieur Pinglet, whose efforts to have an affair with the terminally bored Madame Paillardin lead them to a seedy out of the way hotel which quickly becomes a destination for practically everyone they know. The hotel is raided by the police and they all end up in the hoosegow, and in the third act, Pinglet tries to pin the whole thing on his mean-spirited wife.

Auditions are on February 13 & 14 at 7:00 p.m. in the Training Room, and will consist of reading sides from the play. People who would like to see these ahead of time can check them out from the Theatre Conference office; full scripts are also available.

A Little Hotel on the Side Audition Flier

Anyone interested in getting involved, either as an actor or in some other capacity, should contact Dawson Moore at 834-1614 or