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Credit for Prior Learning

Program Overview

The Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) program at PWSCC was created to allow students to earn college credit for existing college-level knowledge and skills, learning acquired via experience outside of the classroom, or knowledge gained in formal training.

The CPL program attempts to meet the needs of non-traditional students and provides recognition of their learning experiences. This program is not right for everyone, but it is invaluable for those coming to PWSCC with past learning and experiences substantially equivalent to that provided in the classroom. For these students, the CPL program shortens the time needed to earn a degree while allowing the student to start coursework at an advanced level.

To receive CPL credit, participants must give a detailed record of their prior learning by providing the Registrar with a portfolio documenting relevant work experience, non-credit training, community involvement, personal research, special accomplishments, and skills. This portfolio should demonstrate how the student’s prior learning equates to specific college courses in the PWSCC catalog. Completed CPL portfolios are evaluated by assigned faculty and forwarded to the Academic Review Committee for review. Any approved credits are noted on the student’s PWSCC transcript by the Registrar after payment of CPL fees.

CPL Forms

Credit for Prior Learning Application (136.3 KiB)
CPL Student Handbook (156.3 KiB)
CPL Release Of Info (23.5 KiB)
CPL Resources (483.8 KiB)
Learning History Worksheet (507.3 KiB)
Types Of Documentation (563.3 KiB)
CTE (25.1 KiB)

CPL Release of Information: Use this form to indicate whether or not PWSCC can use your CPL portfolio as an example for other applicants.
CPL Resources: This is a list of informational resources to help you learn more about earning non-traditional college credit.
Learning History Worksheet: Use this worksheet to plan your portfolio.
Types of Documentation: This is a list of acceptable types of documentation for you to collect as you create your portfolio.
CTE: Use this form if you have certified training that you would like to have evaluated for college credit.

CPL Fees

Application Fee
1-3 credits $35
4-12 credits $75
13 or more credits $150
Additional Subject Areas $50 each
Credit Assessment
(paid after credit is approved)
$25 per credit

For more information about PWSCC’s Credit for Prior Learning program contact:

Shannon Foster
Email: sfoster AT pwscc DOT edu
Phone: (907) 834-1632
Fax: (907) 834-1661

Local students outside of Valdez can contact the Copper Basin Extension Center at 907.822.3673 or the Cordova Extension Center at 907.424.7598 for assistance.