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Cordova, Alaska

The town of Cordova is located at the mouth of the Copper River and at the head of Orca Inlet in south-eastern Prince William Sound (PWS). This quaint old railroad town and fishing village is one of the most picturesque towns in Alaska. The Eyak Native Village is located adjacent to the community of Cordova. Its colorful past, charm, and natural beauty make Cordova a special place in Alaska. At the turn of the century, the town of Cordova boomed as the terminus of the Copper River Railroad, which carried valuable copper ore from the Kennicott mines to the port of Cordova.

Today Cordova is a fishing town that supports a bustling fishing fleet and related industries. Seafood processors and independent fishermen provide the primary economic base for the community. The Community College is a vital part of a community made up of artists, musicians, Coast Guard families, fishing families, Native peoples, scientists, and those employed by a wide number of local agencies and businesses.

Something that makes Cordova really special is that each year the town hosts a number of unique festivals and community events. In May the Copper Delta Shorebird Festival takes place where up to 5 million shorebirds rest and feed during their spring migration. In addition to awesome bird-watching opportunities, this festival includes workshops and fun community events. Additionally, each February brings the annual Iceworm Festival that includes a parade, fireworks, contests, music and more. Learn more about Cordova and all it has to offer from the links on the right!