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Prince William Sound Community College works with a wide range of community partners to provide students and residents within our service area with high-quality services, education, and more! Use the below links to learn about each aspect of life in Alaska as a PWSCC Resident. Every city has its own character and there are many adventures waiting for you in each one.


Click here to learn more! Located in northeast Prince William Sound, Alaska, the city of Valdez is home to world famous fishing, hiking, skiing, and the Alaska Oil Pipeline terminus. The city and surrounding area provides something for everyone.

Copper Basin (Glennallen)

Click here to learn more!Glennallen, is the largest city in the Basin. Aptly named after the world famous Copper River, the basin is surrounded by four different mountain ranges, provides access to the largest wilderness preserve in the world, and contains several Athabascan Alaska Native villages.


Click here to learn more! Located within the Pacific Northwest Temperate Rainforest, Cordova is home to world famous kayaking and a robust fishing economy. The Copper River Delta is located to the east of town.


To make a gift to PWSCC please contact Ryan Belnap at rkbelnap AT pwscc DOT edu or 1.907.834.1613.


Local organizations have partnered with PWSCC for a variety of purposes. Click here to learn more!

Community Interest Courses & Events

The College and its Extension Centers provide many general interest and self-improvement courses, seminars, and workshops ranging from Alaska Native Arts, Health & Fitness, and professional and personal development. Click here for more information.

Community Services

The college is able to offer a variety of services to our community, including but not limited to: passports, facilities rental, voter registration, and more. For more information, click here.

Maxine & Jesse Whitney Museum

Located on PWSCC’s Valdez campus, the Maxine & Jesse Whitney Museum contains one of the largest collections of Native Alaskan art and artifacts in the world!

Last Frontier Theatre Conference

The city of Valdez and PWSCC have worked together to bring leading playwrights and actors from around the world to the Last Frontier Theatre Conference. Entering its 22nd year, this summer’s conference promises to be bigger and better than ever!

Health & Fitness Center

PWSCC’s Valdez campus has a state of the art health and fitness center with new exercise equipment, private work out rooms, and dozens of fitness classes. Click here for our rates and schedule.

PWSCC College Council

Our College Council consists of respected community leaders from each of our main campuses. Click here to learn more.

Contact Us!

If you can’t find a community resource, or just want to learn more about how we can help you realize your professional and academic dreams, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1.907.834.1600. We look forward to speaking with you!