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Records & Registration

When beginning your educational journey at Prince William Sound College, you simply need to follow the steps outlined below. We’re looking forward to having you as a student and offering you the best college experience we can give. Welcome to PWSC; you’re going to like it here!

Step-by-Step Guide for UAOnline Registration

Click here for instructions on how to log in and register for classes through UAOnline.

Registration Guidelines

Ready to register at PWSC? Follow these steps to get started:

All Students

The following steps apply to all students, except high school students and senior citizens:

  1. Clear outstanding balances/debts/fines with PWSC.
  2. Check the Academic Calendar for registration dates.
  3. Review the course schedule and complete a Plan the Semester worksheet.
  4. Register at UAOnline, OR visit a PWSC location during walk-in registration and fill out a Registration Form.
  5. Pay for tuition and fees at UAOnline by payment deadline, take advantage of the Payment Plan, Or pay at a PWSC location by payment deadline.
  6. Purchase textbooks (all books are available through our online Bookstore).
  7. Review the PWSC Catalog and Registration Pamphlet for updates to policies and procedures, student code of conduct, rights and responsibilities, and important dates and deadlines.

In addition to the above requirements if you fall into the categories below, you must fulfill the additional requirements:

Non Degree-Seeking Students

Non Degree-Seeking Student: a student who is taking classes without working toward the completion of a degree.

  1. Must meet all requirements for admission and be admitted as a non-degree seeking student.
  2. Make sure all student records are updated reflecting any changes (name, marital status, address, SSN).
Continuing Degree-Seeking Students

Continuing Degree-Seeking Student: a student who has taken time off (one year or less) from their studies toward completing a degree program.

  1. Meet with an academic advisor and review your educational plan for the most efficient planning of course sequencing.
  2. Make sure all student records are updated reflecting any changes, such as: name, marital status, address, SSN, degree/certificate program.
  3. If receiving financial aid, obtain a Registration Form at the PWSC location where you are attending classes, or through UAOnline.

High School Students

  1. For the 2015-2016 Academic Year: the City of Valdez has graciously offered any high school student taking a college course, that is outside of the high school program, a 75% discount on tuition.
  2. Students are responsible for any remaining fees and the cost of textbooks.
  3. Students must fill out the PWSC location specific high school student Dual Credit Forms.
  4. The waiver must have ALL signatures, including those from the high school counselor, the student, and the legal guardian (if under 18).
  5. Student must have ACCUPLACER or SAT/ACT placement test scores.
  6. Consult the Academic Calendar for registration dates.
  7. Online registration is not available.

Senior Citizens

Tuition Waiver for Senior Citizens

Regular tuition shall be waived for Alaska residents who are 66 years of age prior to the beginning (first day of class) of the semester they are registering for, and who register on a space available basis; that is, when courses can accommodate such students in addition to other enrolled students.

Click here for the Tuition Waiver Request For Senior Citizens Form. This form must be presented in person, along with the Registration Form, and proof of age at the time of registration.

Use of senior citizen waivers is governed accordingly:

  1. Senior citizens must pay all additional course fees.
  2. To waive tuition, senior citizens must register and present a completed tuition waiver with proof of age during the late registration period.
  3. Registration using a Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver for payment is permitted only during late registration and must be completed by the ADD deadline.
  4. Senior citizens may elect to register before the first day of class; however, they must pay full tuition and fees (use of the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver will not be accepted).
  5. Senior citizens electing to register and pay tuition are subject to all payment deadlines.
  6. Refunds will NOT be available to senior citizens who drop courses and then re-register in the same courses using a tuition waiver during late registration.


Prerequisite courses are those that are required before being allowed to register for a course. Students are expected to meet prerequisites for all courses prior to registering. Prerequisites are listed in course descriptions in the course catalog and the schedule. Students confident of performing the course work may request instructor permission to enroll in the class. Instructors may withdraw students who enroll without either prerequisites or instructor permission. Prerequisites indicate the preparation and/or background necessary to undertake academic study. Students are expected to demonstrate learning skills commensurate with the appropriate course level.

Course Level Expectations

  • Courses numbered 001-049 are career development courses offered for continuing education units (CEU) or non-credit and are not designed as preparation for 100-level college work.
  • Courses numbered 050-099 do not apply to degree requirements and are designed as basic developmental courses intended to help prepare students to enter 100-level college courses.
  • 100-level courses generally require learning basic concepts.
  • 200-, 300-, and 400-level courses require increasing sophistication in the ability to extract, summarize, evaluate, and apply relevant class material.
  • 500-level courses are specifically designed for professional development.

Full-time & Part-time Status

  • Undergraduate students registered for 12 or more credits during a semester are classified as full-time.
  • Undergraduate students registered for less than 12 credits during a semester are classified as part-time.
  • Undergraduate students must be registered for at least 6 credits during a semester are considered half-time.

Additional designations are considered for financial aid purposes. Audited courses, continuing education units (CEU’s) and year-long courses are not included in the computation of study load for full-time or part-time status.

Study Load

Students may register for a maximum of 19 credits each semester. To register for additional credits, a signed agreement must be submitted at registration. Overload request must be verified by an advisor and the college director’s. To be eligible for overload, students must have a grade point average of 2.75 and be of sophomore standing. For study loads which include non-credit courses, the credit evaluation is based upon credit courses only.

Transfer Students

Transfer credit evaluations are performed for students who have been formally admitted to a degree or certificate program. All courses must have a grade of C or better to transfer from institutions outside the University of Alaska system. Within the University of Alaska system, a grade of D or better is transferable provided the student has earned a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher at the school in which the grade was earned. Where possible, transfer credit will be equated with PWSC courses. To receive an associate degree from PWSC at least 15 credits must be resident credits.

Accredited Institutions

Transfer credit is accepted only from institutions in the United States fully accredited by one of the following regional accrediting associations:

  • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges
  • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges
Unaccredited Institutions

As a practice, Prince William Sound College accepts as transfer credit only those credits earned by students at institutions accredited by regional accrediting associations. Accreditation by such associations, recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, demonstrates that the institution operates within commonly accepted standards of instruction. Credits from unaccredited institutions are not normally accepted.

Transfer Credit Evaluations

Requirements necessary for a transfer credit evaluation to be performed:

  • Currently admitted to a degree or certificate program at PWSC.
  • Currently enrolled at PWSC, or plan to enroll within the next semester.

Steps necessary for a transfer credit evaluation to be performed:

  1. Request Official Transcripts to be sent directly to PWSC, to the attention of the Registration Office.

    Mail to:
    Prince William Sound College
    Attn: Registration Office
    P.O. Box 97, Valdez
    AK 99686

  2. Notify Registration Office of request for evaluation.

    Phone: (907) 834-1632

  3. When the evaluation has been completed, the results, indicating transferable credits, will be available through your UAOnline account.

PWSC reserves the right to reject transfer credit, or to require an examination before credit is allowed.

University of Alaska Credit Transfer

Taking Classes from Multiple UA Campuses

UAA, UAF and UAS are separately accredited universities; classes do not automatically transfer between universities.

Classes with similar names or course numbers taken from UAS or UAF campuses, may not satisfy requirements for PWSC/UAA degrees. Degree-seeking students taking distance classes from multiple universities should work closely with their program advisor when choosing classes.

To transfer a class taken from a campus of UAF, UAS or PWSCC to UAA, students must submit a completed Request to Add University of Alaska System Courses Form to the Office of the Registrar.

The University of Alaska Transfer Credit Resource Site was designed to provide you with the ability to query a database of courses that have been officially evaluated from other regionally accredited universities and colleges within Alaska, across the United States, Canada and Australia. This site is not an official evaluation or a promise of how credits will transfer. It is intended as a resource tool to give students some idea of how things have transferred (or not) in the past. It is an excellent tool to gather information to bring with you for an appointment with your program advisor!