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Records & Registration

Registration can be conducted in person, by fax or through UAOnline preceding the beginning of each semester. Registration is available during the dates listed in the semester Class Schedule.

For fall and spring semesters, a two-week late registration and add/drop period begins on the first day of the semester. Registration of semester length classes is not allowed after the tenth class day of the semester without instructor approval. Students are not officially registered until all fees are paid. PWSCC holds students academically and financially responsible for their registration. After registering, if a student changes plans or becomes unable to attend, the courses must be dropped or withdrawn within published deadlines in order to avoid a final grade of “F” for non-attendance. The courses must be dropped within the 100% refund period to avoid tuition and fee assessment. Refer to the Academic Calendar published each semester in the Class Schedule for specific deadlines.

Caution: Dropping or auditing courses may affect eligibility for current and future financial aid. Financial aid students should check with their academic advisor or Director of Student Services before dropping or auditing a course.

All students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor prior to each semester; however, the primary responsibility for meeting PWSCC requirements is the student’s.

Not every course listed in this catalog is offered each semester. The semester Class Schedule lists course and registration information specific to that semester.


Those undergraduate students carrying 12 or more semester credits are classified as full-time. Those carrying less than 12 credits are classified as part-time students.


A student may enroll in a maximum of 18 credits each semester without special approval for an overload. Those who want to take more than 18 credits must get written approval from the Dean of Instruction upon recommendation of the Director of Student Services prior to registering. Students should consider their graduation timeline when planning their study load. A full-time student should plan to take a minimum of 15 credits each semester. Students should be aware that the need for remedial work (for example, in English or mathematics) in preparation for general education required courses may further extend the time required to complete their programs. When planning study load, students should also keep non-school demands of available time, such as employment and/or family responsibilities, firmly in mind.


PWSCC lists one or more prerequisites for many classes. Prerequisites have been established to ensure that students have the necessary requirements to be successful in particular classes. Students wishing to enroll in a class for credit without the prerequisite may seek permission of the instructor and/or approval from the Dean of Instruction. Students who wish to audit a course without the necessary prerequisites may do so with the permission of the instructor.


Some courses may be repeated for additional credits if this option is stated in the course description. All courses may be repeated for student GPA improvements. Previous courses and grades remain on the student’s transcript, but only the credits and last grade earned are applied toward graduation requirements and calculated in the student’s cumulative PWSCC GPA. Students may not repeat a course by credit-by-exam, correspondence or through work at another college or university for the purpose of raising their grade point average at PWSCC. To determine eligibility for graduation with honors, all credits and grades from repeated courses are included in GPA calculations.


It is the responsibility of the student to become familiar with PWSCC policies, procedures and deadlines. Refer to the Academic Calendar published each semester in the Class Schedule for specific deadlines. Add, drop, withdrawal, and audit deadlines for courses other than semester-length will be prorated according to the length of the class. Students are expected to register only for course sections which they plan to attend and to complete all courses for which they register.


Students may register to audit courses for information purposes only. No credit is received. Auditors of courses are not evaluated so there are no assignments or tests for grading. Full course fees do apply. Audited courses do not count in a student’s study load for part-time or full-time status determination, nor do audited credits affect GPA. Changing from Credit to Audit: For semester-length courses, the deadline is the same as the last day to add/drop, which is specified on the Academic Calendar. The time period is proportionately less for short courses. For Independently Arranged courses, changes must be made no later than the Friday of the twelfth (12th) week after a student’s enrollment date.

Changing from Audit to Credit

For semester-length courses, changes may only be made within the first two weeks of classes, during the refund period as specified on the Academic Calendar. The time period is proportionately less for short courses. For Independently Arranged courses, changes must be made within the first two weeks after the enrollment date.


Semester-length classes may be added up to the second week of instruction. Faculty signatures are required for any add activity after the first week of class. Generally, short courses (any class less than fifteen weeks) may not be added after the first class has met. Independently Arranged courses may be added up to the 12th week of the semester with permission of the instructor. Add transactions follow normal registration procedures.


To drop or withdraw from classes, fill out a drop form at the Registration Office. Until official drop paperwork is completed, the student remains enrolled. A failing grade may be received if a student does not drop or withdraw from a class she/he is not attending. Deadlines for dropping and withdrawing are listed in the Academic Calendar. No transactions will be accepted after the deadline date.

If a course is dropped within the refund period, that course will not appear on a student’s transcripts. For withdrawals after the refund period, a “W” is recorded on the permanent record. Withdrawals do not figure into any grade point computations, nor do they have any reference to a student’s academic standing in the class.


To officially withdraw from the college, fill out a drop form at the Registration Office by the deadline indicated on the Academic Calendar.


A faculty member may initiate a drop/withdrawal for students who fail to meet published individual course attendance requirements; however, the faculty member is under no obligation to do so. At the beginning of the semester, faculty may begin to drop students who fail to attend class by the 7th calendar day of the semester.

Faculty initiated drops/withdrawals are permitted through week 12 of the semester for semester length courses (15 weeks). For courses other than semester length, the faculty option to drop/withdraw a student for non-attendance is prorated according to the length of the course. An instructor withdrawal may be initiated for those students who enroll without prerequisites or required instructor approval.


PWSCC reserves the right to cancel, combine, change instructor, date, time and/or place of instruction, and/or make other revisions in class offerings at any time as deemed necessary and to do so without incurring obligation.

If the college cancels a class in which a student is enrolled, the Registrar will automatically process the drop and refund request. The student will be notified of the cancellation. If the student accrues a refund, the amount will be applied to their balance, if no balance is owed the student will be issued a refund.


A student’s name on official records at PWSCC must be the student’s full legal name. A Change of Name form may be processed through Admission and Records and must be supported by legal documentation, i.e., social security card, driver’s license, marriage certificate, dissolution or divorce decree, or a court order.


Currently enrolled students who have changed their address should notify Admission and Records by completing the appropriate form. Official notification of change of address is necessary for accurate mailing of correspondence, transcripts, registration instructions, registration billing, and information about graduation requirements.


Requests for official transcripts must be in writing and bear the signature of the student whose record is requested or can be ordered through UAOnline. A $12.00 per electronic copy or $15.00 per paper copy fee is charged for each official transcript and must be paid in advance.

Students may also leave the completed request and correct processing fee with the PWSCC Registration office. University transcript information from different units is not maintained at one location; the student, who has attended more than one school in the statewide University system, will have to submit more than one transcript request.

The Registration office can provide information about ordering transcripts from other schools. Unofficial copies of your transcript may be viewed on-line at UAOnline.

PWSCC transcripts will not be released to those who are in debt to PWSCC or any other unit within the University of Alaska Statewide System.