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Student Services

The Student Services Department at Prince William Sound Community College encompass a multitude of resources for students, from assistance with registration and financial aid to one-on one advisement for course selection and personal support. Even student activities and housing play a role in helping students to become engaged and well-adjusted to college life as they pursue their degrees. The PWSCC Student Services Division’s mission is to serve the needs of a positive and healthy learning community while attempting to help prepare graduates who think critically, serve generously, lead purposefully, and live responsibly as stewards of the communities and the larger world they will leave to future generations. We commit to provide a wide array of support services and co-curricular learning opportunities to all students so that they can be successful and resilient both inside and outside the classroom.

Student-centered education

All members of the community: faculty, staff, and paraprofessional student staff— are committed to creating an institution of quality centered on the growth and development of students. The purpose of the community college experience is to better prepare students to enter seamlessly into life in areas of community, vocation, family, and humanity. The Student Services Division operates with a simple motto: “Students First.”

Engaged learning

Because education takes place everywhere and all the time, it is important both to create an exciting learning environment and to extend opportunities for significant learning into the community and wider world. Active participation in learning, engaged citizenship, service-driven leadership and committed stewardship are fostered through undergraduate scholarship as well as co-curricular programs that support experiential, intercultural, and service-learning opportunities. Learning takes place not only in the classroom, but also in the evening and weekend activities, in informal interactions in the residence halls, and involvement in on-campus organizations and community events.

Ethical integrity, aesthetic appreciation, and spiritual sensitivity

With knowledge comes obligation. To live a complete life that withstands the scrutiny of self and others, individuals must exhibit personal integrity, respect for the value of all humanity and sensitivity to the spiritual and material beauty of one’s existence. Alaska helps define who we are, as individuals and as communities, through the unique environment we live and study in. Its unique geography and wildlife, cultural richness, and serene beauty are a source of pride and inspiration. We expect these principles to be modeled in the educational programs, work, and daily interactions of all members of the PWSCC community.