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PWSCC Archery Team

The Glacier Bears focus on competitive Olympic style target archery through association with the national US Collegiate Archery Association (USCA). You don’t need experience, just a desire to compete and learn. If you want to be on a team, just check us out or give it a try, attend one of our team practices!

Types of target competition include indoor spot, 3D, field and outdoor FITA.

Students must be enrolled full time at PWSCC (12 credits) and will be required to participate and follow USCA guidelines, conform to a code of conduct, athletic fitness/performance readiness and eligibility standards, including an academic GPA of 2.0 or greater. Students will be under direct instruction/coaching in a rigorous schedule of practice and performance improvement.

Each academic year the Team will choose a calendar of events/venues in which they wish to compete. This will become the focus of training and preparedness. In February of 2010 the Glacier Bears traveled to Las Vegas and participated in the NFAA World Archery Festival! (link to WAF) The Archery Club will help with equipment; however, please be prepared for lots of practice time and travel costs. The Team will do fundraisers and solicit sponsorships, but there must be a commitment from the athletes to do their part.

About “Glacier Bears” Glacier bears are unique to Alaska and are very rare. They are a subspecies of the common black bear that have a very light color phase ranging from white, slate grey to blue black. Glacier bears reside predominately along the Gulf Coast of South Central and South East Alaska coasts in the many glacier fjords. The Glacier bear is a very appropriate mascot for PWSCC as it represents our geographical region and the large population of bears in the Prince William Sound and the Valdez area. The original Alaskans spoke of this bear as being a “Spirit” bear and often revered them as magical. We think our P-Dub “Glacier Bears” are magical, too!