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PWSCC Archery Instruction / Certification

PWSCC currently offers two for-credit classes in archery

PER V121-101 Course Description:
This class is for everyone from beginner to experienced archers; offering an introduction to archery, this class explores the history of archery, the anatomy of bows and arrows, vocabulary and terminology. Students will be exposed to archery through a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the sport and will acquire proper form, shot set-up, mental and physical preparation, strategies for archery safety, and tournament play. Focusing on Olympic style target archery, including 28 hours of actual shooting time, students will learn the steps to archery success that can be applied across all disciplines of archery. Participants will also be introduced to other types of arrow sports on the range, through video and class lecture. This is a fun, hands on experience that promotes archery as a healthy lifetime activity. Students will discuss and demonstrate character development, self evaluation skills, communication, cooperation, respect and related behaviors that are required in all effective functioning groups. Each student will be required to journal their own archery successes and improvements along with brief written essays of discussion topics including how archery changed cultures and societies over centuries, how archery can contribute to a healthy balanced life style, and how archery can or has influenced them on a personal level i.e. physically, emotionally or socially.

No experience or equipment required for this course. PWSCC will provide basic bows and arrows. 1 college credit

PER V221-201 Course Description:
This intermediate level, two semester long course will build on fundamental archery skills, bio-mechanical form, technique, equipment selection and tuning, rules of tournament play and safety. This course promotes target archery as a recreation/sport and prepares archers for competition within an elite peer group of college competitors both nationally and internationally.

Even though the focus of this class is on target competition, the skills learned during the academic year apply to any archery discipline including bowhunting.

No experience is required; however, some experience or completion of course V121-101 is recommended. Equipment can be provided; however the use of your personal equipment is encouraged. Instructor(s) will assist in the proper selection/fitting of equipment. You are not required to be a PWSCC Archery Team member or expected to compete in order to participate in this class. 1 college credit each semester.

BOWHUNTER EDUCATION: PWSCC delivers the Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G), Alaska Bowhunter Education Course. This course provides the certification required to hunt big game in archery only areas in our state. This class meets all standards of the National Bowhunter Education Foundation, (NBEF) and International Bowhunter Education Program, (IBEP) certification requirements. This course is taught by volunteer instructors who are approved by the ADF&G; for more information visit their website @

NATIONAL ARCHERY in the SCHOOL PROGRAM, (NASP) BASIC ARCHERY INSTRUCTOR (BAI) COURSE: PWSCC offers this class in conjunction with Alaska Dept of Fish & Game primarily to K-12 teachers who offer the NASP program in their schools. This class is available for Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit. For more information Contact PWSCC or ADF&G Program Coordinator Jerry Soukup (907) 267-2241