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CU Thrive is a program built specifically for college students to help them explore, understand, and share their unique college experiences.

Being a college student comes with many exciting and challenging learning experiences. New relationships, new living environments, new pressures, and new expectations all contribute to the challenges students face every day. The CU Thrive program was developed to target these specific issues and to help students work through them successfully.

Additionally the program also creates a platform for students to share their own tips and techniques to help other students struggling with similar issues. This element of CU Thrive, as well as the wealth valuable information and resources, provide a unique opportunity for students to engage their peers, connect with their college community, and help promote positive health and wellness changes on campus.

Program Highlights

WEBSITE: This program is built around a dynamic, peer-to-peer-focused website, where you can find articles, FAQs, assessments, training courses, and student-submitted stories and videos to help you prepare for and deal with the unique issues you may face on or off campus.

SOCIAL MEDIA: This program uses a unique communications technology that distributes resources to your favorite social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and mobile technologies like your iPad or smart phone. You’ll receive school announcements, messages from your classmates, and CU Thrive articles and resources that directly address your unique needs.

SUPPORT: This program provides you the knowledge and skills you need to support your friends when they are having trouble working through the issues that threaten their personal success. We all rely on our friends to help us through difficult times so why not provide all students the information and direction they need to make helpful and healthy help-seeking decisions?

CU Thrive is ready and waiting for you right now!

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