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Tuition & Fees

Net Price Calculator

You may utilize the Net Price Calculator. The calculator is designed to give you an early indication of how much and what types of financial aid you might qualify for if you were a college freshman attending school full-time in the 2013-2014 Academic Year.

Access the Net Price Calculator here.

Credit Tuition

PWSCC does not charge out-of-state tuition. All fees are approved by the University Of Alaska Board Of Regents. The college reserves the right to change tuition rates or fees at any time.

2014-2015 Tuition Rates

Credits Tuition Credits Tuition
1 $152 10 $1,520
2 $304 11 $1,672
3 $456 12 $1,824
4 $608 13 $1,976
5 $760 14 $2,128
6 $912 15 $2,280
7 $1,064 16 $2,432
8 $1,216 17 $2,584
9 $1,368 18 $2,736

Note: These fees are undergraduate credit tuition.

Fees Amount
Upper Division Tuition (per credit) $202.00
Professional Level / CEU Tuition Varies
Admission Fee (per application) $25.00
Credit-by-Exam Fee (per credit) $25.00
Credit for Certified Training (per credit) $25.00
Credit for Prior Learning Evaluation $75-$125
Credit for Prior Learning (per credit) $25.00
Graduation Application Fee $20.00
Late Graduation Application Fee $25.00
Student Services Activities Fee (per semester)
Per Credit $5.00
Maximum (Valdez) $50.00
Technology Fee (per semester)
Per Credit $5.00
Maximum $60.00
Transcript Fee (PDF, Paper, Expedited) $12.00
Science Lab Fee (except Chemistry) $45.00
Chemistry Lab Fee $65.00
Network Fee (per credit) $5.00
Faculty Fee (per credit) $2.00
Distance Fee (per course) $35.00
Course Fees (Materials, Travel, Services, etc) varies
Initial Late Payment Fee (after 5pm on Sept 9) $125.00
Second Late Payment Fee (after 5pm on Nov 1) $175.00

Self-Support Courses

Self-support courses are those with fees that are funded entirely through the revenues collected when students sign up for that specific course. Costs vary by course and may include salaries, supplies, advertising, facilities, and travel. Fee waivers do not apply to these courses. Separate refund policy applies.

Student Expenses

Costs of special materials, supplies and services, including textbooks, are not included in the cost of tuition but are assessed separately. Expenses will depend on a number of factors. Although no one figure can represent the cost of attending PWSCC in Valdez, the following estimated budget for one (1) semester should help. For budgeting purposes, one semester is defined as a period of four months. If planning to attend school in Valdez for one academic year (2 semesters), multiply the semester amount by two. Summer semester is not included in these figures.

Tuition 2014-2015
Resident $1824
Nonresident $1824

*For campus housing costs, please click here.
*Tuition based on 12 credits.

**Refundable housing damage deposit of $200. Housing rates vary according to room size and number of occupants. Off-campus housing costs vary with size, location and number of people sharing the accommodations.

Other Estimates
Books and supplies $600 – $700
Lab Fees and Insurance $75
Food $1000
Transportation* -0-
Personal Expenses** $1000

*Valdez has no public transportation system; however, the college and residence halls are within walking distance of most businesses and residential areas.

**Includes expenses such as laundry, limited medical and dental, some recreation, entertainment, and personal supplies.

Financial Obligation

Students are expected to make full payment when they register. Other arrangements may be made subject to approval with the Business Office. PWSCC accepts MasterCard and Visa. If a student becomes delinquent in payment of any amount due to PWSCC or any other unit within the University of Alaska statewide system, PWSCC reserves the right to withhold transcripts, diplomas, and final grade reports and to refuse future registration until the amount due is paid in full. In addition, delinquent accounts may be sent to a collection agency and reported to the credit bureau.

Easy Pay Payment Options

For payment options please see the Accounts Receivable & Cashiering Page.

Statement Of Liability

In the event that the operations of Prince William Sound Community College are adversely affected by war, riot, act of God, action of civil authority, strike, or other emergency or condition, the college reserves the right to take action to curtail part or all of its operations, including action to cancel classes and action to discontinue services. In any case in which a significant curtailment is judged proper by the University, the college’s liability shall be limited to (at most) a refund of tuition and other fees paid.

Refund Policy

Registered students may receive a refund (if appropriate) only after they have completed official drop paperwork. The date of each transaction, on the drop form, will determine eligibility for a refund (based on the schedule below). The refund deadlines are also published in the semester Class Schedule. Students are responsible for thoroughly reading the Class Schedule and being aware of the published refund deadlines for their particular classes. Students who drop or withdraw or who are administratively dropped or withdrawn from courses as a result of disciplinary action forfeit all rights to any refund.

All Classes

Before 1st day of instruction = 100% tuition & fees

15- Week Sessions

1-7 calendar days* = 100% tuition & fees
8-14 calendar days* = 50% tuition only
On or after 15th calendar day = No Refund
*Calendar days include weekends.

Self-Support Courses

Before class begins = 100% refund
After class begins = No Refund

Short Courses

Please check with the Business Office or the Registration Office regarding drop and withdraw deadlines for any classes fewer than 15 weeks long. Refunds for short courses are determined individually by the Registration Office.

Individually Arranged

Refund deadlines for individually arranged courses are determined by the date a student registers for the course.
1-7 calendar days* = 100% tuition & fees
8-14 calendar days* = 50% tuition only
On or after 15th calendar day = No Refund
*Calendar days include weekends.

Cancelled Classes

If a class is cancelled, the student may add another course of equal credit at no additional tuition. If another course is not added, the Business Office will automatically determine the refund and send it directly to the address on the student’s registration form. The refund will be for tuition and fees due.

Withdrawal From Classes

No tuition refund will be allowed for withdrawal after the drop deadline.

Petition For Exception To PWSCC Policy On Refund Of Tuition And Fees

A student, or person with legal authority to act on behalf of a student, may petition for an exception to PWSCC policy on refunds of tuition and fees. Petitions are not automatically granted but will be considered per individual circumstances based on the documentation provided. The petitioner must submit a completed and signed Petition form to the Admission and Records Office, P.O. Box 97, Valdez, AK 99696. Written documentation from instructors, physicians, or other appropriate persons verifying and supporting the request may accompany the petition. It is the responsibility of the student or a person authorized to act on behalf of the student to submit the supporting documentation. Petitions submitted without documentation may not be considered. Upon the determination of the committee whose decision is final, a written response will be mailed to the student.

Senior Citizen Tuition Waivers

Tuition-waiver (98.4 KiB)

Senior Citizen age: 65 or older

Regular tuition shall be waived for Alaska residents who are otherwise age eligible to receive full social security retirement benefits, who register on a space available basis; that is, when courses can accommodate such students in addition to other enrolled students. Individuals who were eligible for senior citizen tuition waivers on September 21, 2005 under the previous regents’ policy shall continue to be eligible for the waiver.