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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Student Financial Aid

Student Services can assist students in applying for state and federal aid programs. State and Federal governments, PWSCC, and many private organizations offer grants, scholarships, loans, and employment opportunities to students who demonstrate need for such assistance. Each student’s financial situation is carefully assessed, taking into consideration family size, assets, income, debts, and estimated costs of attending college. Types and amount of financial aid vary according to State and Federal guidelines, student needs, and availability of funds.

  • Financial Aid Toolkit
    • The Financial Aid Toolkit provides federal student aid information and outreach tools for counselors, college access professionals, nonprofit mentors, and others.
  • Financial Awareness Counseling
    • Financial Awareness Counseling provides tools and information from the U.S. Department of Education to help you understand your financial aid and assist you in managing your finances.
  • Hands on Banking
    • Financial awareness and money management resources for people of all ages.
  • Cash Course
    • Cash Course is a free financial literacy resource available to you that teaches you a broad range of financial topics that will empower you to make positive and sound decisions when reaching financial goals.
  • Student Loan Calculator
    • Nerd Wallet’s Student Loan Calculator helps you make the most informed decisions about financing your higher education. This calculator will not store your personal information, force you to register, or promote any commercial products.

Application Procedures

Interested students should contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance for information and applications. Students should submit applications at least six months before the beginning of the semester for which they are applying. For the upcoming fall semester, the Office of Student Financial Assistance should have received completed applications and required additional forms by June 1 at the latest. Applications received after this date will be considered if funds are available. Specific procedures are as follows:

    1. New students must first apply for formal admission to PWSCC through the Office of Admissions by the appropriate deadline.
    2. All interested students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit the application to the Department of Education, list UAA’s Title IV code on FAFSA (011462). We recommend you apply online at It is faster and more accurate.
    3. Students who wish to apply for a scholarship may complete an online application available in UAOnline at
    4. Students who wish to apply for Bureau of Indian Affairs grants or scholarships should contact the BIA or their Native regional corporation for applications.

Eligibility for Federal Aid

For all Federal Programs, the student must:

    1. Be a U.S. citizen, a national or other eligible non-citizen.
    2. Not be in default on any Federal Student Loan or owe a refund or repayment on a Federal Pell Grant, State Student Incentive Grant (SSIG) or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG). This also applies to parents if applying for Federal PLUS loans.
    3. Have a valid Social Security number.
    4. Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an eligible degree or certificate program at PWSCC.
    5. Males over the age of 18 must comply with U.S. Selective Service registration requirements to be eligible for federal and state aid.
    6. Have a high school diploma from an accredited high school or GED.
    7. Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements as outlined in PWSCC/University of Alaska’s SAP policy.

If you meet the above criteria, your first step in the application process is to complete the FAFSA at


Verification is a process to “confirm” the accuracy of the information reported on the Free Application for Federal Student aid (FAFSA).

If your file is selected for verification, certain information must be provided before we can determine your financial aid eligibility. This may include household size and number in college, taxable and non-taxable income, asset information, or other data elements reported on the FAFSA. If your FAFSA is selected for verification, you will be required to submit a verification worksheet and your federal tax transcripts if you did not use the IRS data retrieval tool when completing the FAFSA. Depending on the verification group you are assigned, and other information reported on your FAFSA, additional documentation may be required. Students selected for verification will be notified via email and UAOnline as to what documentation is required. Financial aid awards cannot be generated or disbursed until verification is complete. Students that are not initially selected for verification may be selected after making changes to their FAFSA. If this happens, any financial aid previously awarded will be canceled until the verification process is complete. There is no guarantee that the equivalent types and amount of financial aid will be available when you are repackaged.

Deadline: The deadline to submit completed verification documents is 30 days from your last date of enrollment or the last business day in August, whichever comes first.

Follow the instructions on the Verification Worksheet very carefully. Failure to submit all required documents will cause processing delays. Not only will it delay all disbursements of federal aid but it will also prevent disbursement of several types of state and institutional aid. Lastly, make sure your student ID number is on each page of all documents you submit to the Financial Assistance Office.


    1. Collect your (and your spouse’s or parents’) financial documents as requested in UAOnline. Remember that as of the 12/13 academic year we cannot accept copies of tax forms. Students selected for verification must submit IRS tax transcripts or use the IRS data retrieval tool.
    2. Complete the verification form for the appropriate year as listed on UAA’s forms page. Read the instructions carefully and complete all sections that apply to you. Make sure you collect all required signatures.
    3. Fax, email, mail or drop off completed worksheet, tax transcripts (if needed), and any other documents to the UAA Financial Assistance Office.
    4. Your financial aid administrator will compare information on these documents and make corrections to your FAFSA as necessary.
    5. Check your Financial Aid Status on UAonline and student email frequently. After reviewing your verification paperwork, we will occasionally have to ask for additional information in order to resolve conflicting information or other issues with your FAFSA. We will notify you via email and update your UAOnline account accordingly.

Important Information Regarding your IRA and/or Pension Rollover?

The data retrieval tool does not identify and exclude tax return IRA and/or Pension distributions that have been rolled over into another account.  It will take the IRA/Pension distribution minus the taxable portion of the distribution and enter the result as untaxed IRA and/or Pension on your FAFSA.  This may result in a higher Expected Family Contribution (EFC) than you should have.

What Should You Do If You Have a 2011 IRA or Pension Rollover?

  • Do not attempt to correct the information yourself.  By changing any of the tax data, you compromise the data transferred from the IRS.
  • Provide a signed copy of your Federal IRS Tax Return to the Student Financial Assistance Office.

Accepting Your Financial Aid Step by Step:

Accepting Loans:

    1. Go to UAOnline
    2. Log into the secure area
    3. Click on Financial Aid Tab
    4. Click on Award
    5. Click on Award by Aid Year and select the appropriate Aid Year (refer to your Award Letter)
    6. Click on Award Overview
    7. This page gives you the details of your award and cost of attendance.
    8. Click on the Accept Award tab. You will have some decisions to make at this point:
      1. You can accept all of your aid or decline it by clicking on the arrow in the drop down box under Accept Awards.
        You can accept part of the amount offered by entering the amount in the box under Accept Partial Payment
      2. If you make individual decisions about each type of loan DO NOT click on the Accept Full Amount button.
    9. Click the Submit button to finish
    10. If you have accepted any federal loans you will need to complete entrance counseling and a Master Promissory Note for the loan type you have accepted. Both can be completed at
After you accept your aid:
  • Monitor your Financial Aid Award through your UAOnline account. This is the fastest way to know your financial aid status.
  • Monitor your Admissions Status. Your financial aid will not pay until you are fully admitted. Don’t assume that everything is okay. Check to make sure.
  • Monitor your Account Information to see when your financial aid has been disbursed into your account, what you owe, make payments, etc.
  • Check your UAA email account and UAA financial aid website frequently for important updates and announcements.

Questions? Call the Financial Aid Coordinator at 907-834-1645. In Cordova, call 907.424.7598. In Glennallen, call 907.822.3673.