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Dual Credit at PWSCC

Prince William Sound Community College collaborates with many school districts throughout Alaska to offer dual credit courses to high school students. There are many benefits to offering dual credit. Some students graduate with their high school diploma, as well as an Associate of Arts degree at the same time. Other students take a few dual credit classes, usually Math and English, which can then be applied toward a degree at PWSCC or transferred to another college or university.

If you are an administrator, teacher, or counselor from a high school and are interested in offering dual credit classes to your students, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs at 907-834-1660. You will be given information on options available for schools to offer dual credit through PWSCC.

One common option is for qualified high school teachers to offer the course as a component of their regular teaching assignment. In this case the instructor must go through the approval process through PWSCC’s Academic Planning and Curriculum Committee (APCC). Once approved, they will be given the APCC-approved course outline that lays out the course objectives, student learning outcomes, and required topics that need to be met for successful completion and to ensure appropriate rigor of the course. At this point, each instructor develops their own syllabus that addresses the course outline requirements and formulates a plan of instruction and works directly with the lead faculty in that department for mentoring and collaboration for assessment. Each syllabus needs to be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs or lead faculty for final approval. The Office of Academic Affairs will send a list of all approved instructors and courses to Student Services. This process must be completed prior to publishing course offerings and student registration.

Once Student Services receives the list, they will set the school up with placement testing information and create the Course Registration Number (CRN) required to register for the class(es). The forms below will need to be completed by the student, parent(s), and school. The cost of a dual credit course is $25 per credit (e.g. a three-credit class would cost $75). All completed forms and payment must be sent together to:

PO Box 97
Valdez, AK 99686

If you have any questions about registering or placement testing, please call us 907-834-1600.

Required Forms

Registration form
Student Release form
FERPA form
Secondary School Student Enrollment Form