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Online Grading Instructions

Online Grading is available to active faculty through UAOnline. Please note that only the designated primary instructor for each course is allowed to submit grades online for that particular course.


  • Go to UAOnline
  • Click on Login to Secured Area
  • Enter your 8-digit User ID (3xxxxxxx) and 6 digit PIN, if you cannot remember your PIN, choose “forgot PIN.” The PIN can be reset by the Registrar’s Office
  • Select Faculty Services Faculty
  • Click on Summary Class List/Enter Grades
  • Select the appropriate Term
  • Select the CRN
  • Click Final Grades at bottom of page. Grade box shows applicable grade choices (no W or AU). If assigning an I, Incomplete-course-contract (118.2 KiB) F, or NB, please enter last date student attended (at right)

Grades may be adjusted and changed while you work. When done with a class, click Submit. Leaving some students not graded is allowed; you may log back in later and grade those remaining. No signed roster is required for online grades. Grades are available to students on the web shortly after being submitted online.

Once submitted, a grade cannot be changed online, and requires a Grade Change form ( Grade-change(online) (178.7 KiB)), the same as if a signed roster had been submitted to the Registrar.

Last Date Attended

During online grading, faculty who assign an ‘I’, ‘F’, or ‘NB’ grade are asked to enter a last-date-of-attendance for each student with either of those grades assigned. This is for Financial Aid purposes.

If you have questions regarding student registration status, grading, or the online grading process, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 907.834.1632 or email at sfoster AT pwscc DOT edu.