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Distance Learning

What is Distance Learning?

PWSCC offers technology enhanced courses; while technology in the classroom can be used to accomplish many things, one of the primary reasons technology is employed in education is to provide distance learning. Distance learning offers students the opportunity to advance educationally without the time and constraints of physically being on campus. PWSCC offers distance learning and online courses to help students complete degrees, certificates, and program requirements entirely online or in blended formats. There are varying technologies used to deliver distance learning.

What are the benefits of Distance Learning?

Distance learning provides increased flexibility and access for students who live in geographically remote locations or for students who have schedules that prevent regular on-campus attendance.

How does Distance Learning work?

At PWSCC, distance learning encompasses three delivery systems: web-based conferencing, tapes-at-home, and audio/video-conferencing.

  1. Web-based Instruction distributes course materials and course activities online using standard internet access tools (i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome or Opera).
  2. Audio/Video-Conferencing allows students and instructors to conduct meetings via video and telephone. Here, students connect with other campuses via video or dial a provided toll-free access number to enter the audio-conference.

How does a student contact his/her Instructor?

Correspondence made between student and instructor can be achieved by using several methods. First, course materials (i.e. homework, etc.) will either be mailed to and from the student or sent via email. Students are also responsible for contacting the bookstore and acquiring the necessary textbooks for each course. Lastly, students also have access to proctoring services. The tests, quizzes, and exams are administered on-campus and at other remote sites. Students are required to contact one of the designated locations with an approved proctor before taking an exam.

Getting Started — Apply for Admission and Register for Classes

VisitApply Now for more information on applying for Admission or call 907.834.1600. Once admitted as a student to PWSCC, register for classes online via UA Online or in person at PWSCC’s campuses in Valdez, Cordova, and Glennallen.

How to Login using Blackboard and Course Compass

PWSCC uses Blackboard, Course Compass, and Pearson’s Reading, Writing, and Econ Lab to provide the online learning environment for many distance learning courses and all online courses offered. Supported courses range from web-enhanced courses where traditional face-to-face instruction is supplemented with web features such as syllabi or lecture notes, to courses that are taught completely online with no on-campus attendance requirements.

Login to Blackboard

  1. You must have a username and password
    • How to find your username/ID – Go to
    • UA ID — This is your student or employee number (i.e. 39936138)
    • UA Username — This is your login name and email address (i.e. John A. Doe is jadoe)
    • Password — A secret word with complexity requirements (i.e. SeaWolv3s)
  2. Direct your browser to
  3. Log on with your username and password

Login to CourseCompass/Pearson MyLabs

Pearson MyLabs in CourseCompass offers innovative homework, student assessment, and multimedia instructional tools that enrich student learning and improve course outcomes. Once you have registered for one of these classes either on campus or online, do the following steps to obtain access to the course.

  1. You will need to register to enter CourseCompass for the first time. After you register, you can log in to CourseCompass to use it. Before you register, make sure you have:
    • A valid email address that you check regularly
    • The course ID for you CourseCompass course, which you receive from your instructor or Course Codes
    • A valid credit card, or a PayPal account
  2. You can obtain your access code in one of two ways.
  3. To register for CourseCompass and enroll in your course(s), complete the following:
    • Click Register on the CourseCompass home page
    • Click Next on the Before you Start page
    • Follow the instructions to register and enroll.
        You will be asked to:

      • Enter your course ID
      • Provide your access code or payment information
      • Create a login name and password and provide contact information

At the end of the registration process, you can click Log In Now on the Confirmation and Summary page to enter your course.

Order Course Materials

Course materials and books can be ordered at the Campus Bookstore or online at

Contact for Distance Learning

Prince William Sound Community College – Main Campus
PO Box 97, Valdez, AK 99686
Phone: 1.907.834.1600

Copper Basin Extension Campus
PO Box 730, Glennallen, AK 99588
Phone: 1.907.822.3673

Cordova Extension Campus
PO Box 1248, Cordova, AK 99574
Phone: 1.907.424.7598