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Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Division of Student Services offers personal, academic, and career guidance. The staff provides information and resources to students to enhance their ability to solve educational problems relating to career planning preparation. Students undecided about choosing a major are recommended to meet with an academic advisor or Faculty advisor.

What is Academic Advising?

The goal of academic advising is to assist students in developing educational plans consistent with career/life goals and to provide students with the information and skills needed to pursue those goals. It not only involves telling students what they need to know, but also aims at enabling them to find things out for themselves.

PWSCC knows that academic success is often greater when students and their advisor share a good working relationship. Advising is an integral part of the teaching function and, therefore, an important part of faculty responsibility. Advising provides an opportunity for close faculty-student interaction and discussions about college programs and requirements. The student advisor will use assessment scores, previous and current transcript information, and student input to help him/her choose a program consistent with academic objectives and future goals. It is important to know who your advisor is and to seek advice often, rather than meeting only when problems arise.

Vision for Academic Advising

Academic Advising at Prince William Sound Community College aims to enhance the educational experience of each student through knowledge, innovation, and creativity, and by the rigor of high academic and ethical standards that is recognized for its commitment to student success.

For more information or to schedule an advising appointment, please contact Student Services at 907.834.1600. Copper Basin students can contact their Extension Center at 907.822.3673. Cordova students can contact their Extension Center at 907.424.7598.