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Welcome to Prince William Sound Community College
The foundation of a successful college education is an environment that provides quality instruction and an atmosphere conducive to learning.  The Instruction Department at Prince William Sound Community College is committed to providing exactly that.  A key characteristic of successful college students is that they know how to learn.  The faculty and instructional staff at PWSCC are dedicated to working with students to help them optimize their educational experience, for both now and the rest of their lives.  A very low faculty-to-student ratio at PWSCC helps ensure this occurs.

While we’re a small college, we have superb faculty who know how to meet students where they are, identifying the students’ level of preparedness and then setting appropriate standards to challenge them and help them grow intellectually.  The Department of Instruction is focused on providing a curriculum and environment that assist students as they assimilate course content and build the professional skills they need to excel in their future studies and/or career.

PWSCC provides a number of academic and training curricular tracks, as well as a number of non-traditional special interest courses and opportunities for students and community members to practice lifelong learning.  From community interest courses such as CPR, hazardous material handling, and yoga to dog obedience, kayaking, and partnering with Alyeska Pipeline Services to provide the Wellness Center, PWSCC also serves well the “community” portion of its name.