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Campuses & Outreach Sites

  • Main Campus: Valdez
  • Extension Centers: Cordova and Copper Basin (Glennallen)
  • Outreach Sites: Chitina, Chistochina, Kenny Lake, Mentasta, Slana, and soon Tatilek, AK

PWSCC’s main campus and the majority of full-time faculty are based in Valdez, AK. The extension campuses in Cordova and Glennallen have their own adjunct-instructors and tutoring services, Adult Basic Education classes, library services, and a Student-Services department all onsite. The Student Government Association serves the students on all campuses and outreach sites, with representatives from each. The outreach sites in select areas of the Copper Basin region of Alaska are locations that are linked to PWSCC through video-conferencing equipment. These sites may be in a local library, a room in a government building, or at the local high school.

The important thing to understand about P-Dub is that about 90% of courses taught in Valdez are taught over video conference. This enables students at either of our extension campuses or at any of the outreach sites to sit in a classroom with an instructor coming to you in real-time over video conference from Valdez. That means not only will your instructor know if you miss class, but that you will be able to raise your hand and ask questions, as well as interact with other students over the TV screen.

PWSCC works hard to bring the most up to date classes, technology, and information to the entire Copper Basin and Eastern Prince William Sound area. The use of technology allows P-Dub to reach students and serve an area of about 44,000 square miles. Please contact us for more information and with questions.

Main Campus: 907.834.1600
Copper Basin Extension Campus: 907.822.3673
Cordova Extension Campus: 907.424.7598
Outreach Sites; please contact the Copper Basin Extension Campus: 907.822.3673