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Free Energy-Efficient Homes Workshops This Weekend

January 20, 2014

In collaboration with the Alaska Craftsman Home Program, the PWSCC Workforce Development and Training Department is offering free workshops to promote energy-efficient homes.  Classes will be held the weekend of January 25 & 26.  Different topics will be held in two-hour increments. The  organizers need at least 11 people registered.  After the initial 11 students are registered, walk-ins will be accepted.

(907) 258-2247
Registration is Mandatory


Saturday, December 14
First Steps: Building Science Basics
Learn the benefits including increased comfort, health, durability and how to lower utility bills by exploring the dynamics of heat, air and moisture.

Insulating for Safety and Comfort
Stop losing your precious purchased heat with an outdated and uncomfortable home! This class helps you to decode insulation options to make your home cozy for the whole family.

Finding and Fixing Air Leaks
Do you have expensive heating bills? House a bit drafty? Learn how to diagnose and fix the leaks in your home to prevent your hard earned money from disappearing like smoke in the wind.

Heating and Hot Water Choices
Attend this class for an overview of high efficient boilers, furnaces, water heaters and more. We will help you decode the technical info so you can make the best choice for your home and for your budget.


Sunday, December 15
Preventing Ice Dams
Protect your roof against damage by ensuring your attic has proper air sealing, insulation and ventilation. Properly prepare to prevent and protect!

Crawl Spaces
Benefits of insulating and ventilating your crawl space? Prevent mold, condensation, and more. Review ways for improving the crawl space area and keep your home and family healthy and happy.

Evaluating Doors and Windows
It’s an expensive decision to replace your windows and doors. Be prepared with a logical framework to evaluate your home and get money saving tips, tricks and terms to utilize when shopping around.

Healthy Indoor Air Through Ventilation
Is the air outside your home healthier than the air inside? Control indoor air quality by bringing fresh air into your home. Get the steps here to create a healthy home by utilizing a ventilation plan.

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