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April 29, 2013

About fifty 6th graders descended upon Prince William Sound Community College Valdez campus last week, as part of the Kids2College Program.  Students experienced a day of college, attending classes such as First Aid, Museum Studies, Acting, HAZWOPER, and Biology. The also learned about paying for college and experienced a graduation ceremony.

To prepare for their campus visit, students researched what is involved with pursuing different careers and presented the information to their classmates.  Along the way, they learned about various academic options and the steps they can take today to prepare for college.  Kids2College teaches students about local high school graduation and test requirements, college admissions, and how to qualify for financial aid opportunities like the Alaska Performance Scholarship.

Now in 28 states, Kids2College encourages students to aspire to education and training beyond high school – whether it’s an apprenticeship, a one-year technical program or a seven-year professional degree sequence; by learning that postsecondary training is important and attainable.

Kids2College alumni are more likely to discuss college preparation with parents and teachers, and to understand college is possible for them.  For those children whose families may not have a college-going history, it’s an opportunity to learn first-hand about the career avenues and life experiences college offers.

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