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PWSCC Archery Achievement

March 28, 2013

The PWSCC Archery Program had the honor this year of fielding two students in the Collegiate National Indoor Archery Championships. Please join me in congratulating Anna Mae Lischka and Jon Hollaus for their participation in this national collegiate event. This was their first major event and only their second competition!
Both Jon and Anna Mae earned USCA Achievement Awards for participation and scoring in the Bowhunter Divisions.

Anna Mae and Jon worked hard in preparing for their first college qualifying event, showing up at 6am every morning for practice, hosting and shooting in their PWSCC Archery Club’s  “Vegas in Valdez” tournament and showed great discipline in improving their shot form and technique. Additionally, students who participate in national collegiate events must qualify academically. Both of these students are dedicated to the archery program and  to their individual academic success, and I commend their hard work.

Even though Anna Mae and Jon  were not able to travel to California to compete at the venue there, the USCA Executive Director approved our students shooting in Valdez with me certifying their scores. This speaks volumes to USCA’s commitment of making competitive archery available to all college students nationwide and the USCA’s  confidence in our archery program at P-Dub!

The final results can be viewed at

The Archery Class students traveled to Wasilla this past week-end to compete in the National Field Archery Associations (NFAA) Regional Sectional Tournament. Every students showed improvement and scored their personal bests! The archery program hopes to compete in the Alaska State 3D shoot at Fairbanks in April and will host a Valdez 3D shoot some time this summer. Stay tuned.

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