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Phi Theta Kappa Ends 2012 on a High Note

December 19, 2012

The Alpha Psi Gamma Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa has just completed a productive season as they prepare to write their Hallmark Award essays for the annual competition that will culminate in the International Convention this year in San Diego in April.  The Hallmark Awards are based on a chapter’s service to its community and research for the Honors in Action program.

One of its most ambitious projects was helping to host the Fall Conference at Mat-Su College in October.  Chapter president, Diane Hawkins, who also serves as the Region IV Vice President, organized and presented workshops for the meeting with other chapter members, Jeremy Miller, Kayla Hood, and Victoria Richardson. The focus of the conference was a discussion of one of the Honors in Action themes—Competition in the Arts. One of the meeting’s highlights was a reading of a short play by Dawson Moore and a discussion of how plays are evaluated for competition.

The chapter completed a major part of its Honors in Action event in November when they hosted an Eat Local Challenge and potluck for our college and community.  Over thirty people attended the event which featured dishes with at least one Alaskan ingredient.  The dishes included produce from Palmer, caribou, jams from Alaskan berries, carrot cake with carrots grown in the Mat-Su Valley, smoked salmon, corn chowder with salmon, and more.

Three guest speakers—Dr. Julie Fronzuto, Kathy Nielsen, and Meg McKinney—shared stories of their own experiences in sustainability eating.  We learned about how to keep chickens and goats as invaluable resources for fresh eggs and cheese as well as what is available in our community for sustainable, healthy eating.

The evening ended with a game of Jeopardy created by the chapter that featured questions on foods in Alaska and food production.

This event is part of a year-long project that the chapter has pursued as part of its competition with other chapters across the nation.  They selected the Honors Study Topic about Food and Competition for research and then identified a series of projects related to this topic.  The first project was the Empty Bowl event, which relates to the topic of food insecurity and provided a fund raiser for the Valdez Food Bank.  The chapter is also watching a series of films that explore issues of food production and sustainability.  The final project is a contest for Hermon Hutchens students, which will culminate in a calendar that illustrates how to eat locally in Alaska throughout the year.

One of the chapter’s newest members, Jeremy Miller, was inducted at last week’s Induction Ceremony.

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